My Happy Planner

I recently purchased a Me & my big ideas create 365 Happy Planner… what a tongue twister! Which is why most people refer to the planner as MAMBI Happy Planner.

I decided I needed a paper planner recently after years of planning digitally and so I started researching planners, binders and organising systems that might work for me. On the plus side, I am a professional graphic/digital designer so I wanted maximum customisation should I wish to decorate from the ground up.

This is the Happy Planner I purchased…


Its super cute, flexible and has an 18 month stretch to keep me busy until December 2017. Which means technically I can’t use my Happy Planner until July this year. In the mean time im using something a little less cute…

0416977_lIt’s an A5 project binder from Wilko that cost me a grand total of £2. It contains 4 x kraft dividers, a lined subject notebook and zipper pockets, as well as plain and graph subject books being available for 25p extra. Its an absolute bargain, and a great first planner for anyone with absolutely no budget.

Ill be talking more about this binder and how you can completely customise it in another post.

Back to my Happy Planner… Im so excited to use this to plan my weeks and months. From meal planning and daily activities to tracking my health goals I think ive made the best choice for a first planner and no doubt, if I stick to it, more may be added to the collection when I visit Florida in August.

Heres a flip through of my Happy Planner (Hello Life) and heres a link of where you can buy it in the UK to avoid those nasty customs charges…  Buy from Craftstars and receive 10% off your first order with code C9VD-52KJ-GU0L


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