Making a custom planner on a budget

What do you do if you have no budget, are new to planning or need a quick fix for a custom planner? The answer is DIY everything…

What you’ll need:

  • An A5 binder
  • A Printer
  • A4 paper

How to make a custom planner:

0416977_lYou’ll need something to put your pages in, a good, cheap, A5 binder to use is this from Wilko. Available online and in-store for only £2 this binder comes with 4x kraft dividers, a lined subject notebook and zipper pockets, as well as plain and graph subject books being available for 25p extra.

Its an inexpensive binder to use, with enough things to get you going if you’re wanting maximum customisation. Wilko also do great washi and cheap sticky pads should you want to further customise your planner.

Next you’ll need to print your monthly and weekly spreads and then place them into your planner with a regular 2 hole punch. If you don’t have a printer, take the files to a library or printing shop, or print at work if you’re able to.

Here is a FREE weekly and monthly spread similar to the happy planner vertical layout.

Download your FREE A4 PDF

To use the free PDF simply print the file onto A4 at actual size. Cut directly down the centre and hole punch to fit your binder. You can then decorate how you like.

Theres space at the top of each page for a strip of washi tape and enough space to use a skinny tape along the centre lines. You can see an example of my pages using the tag Custom Planner.

You can also resize other free printables for the Happy Planner and Erin Condren by printing at 84% on your printer. This way you can use full box layouts in your custom planner. I hope you all enjoy this free printable.

Please remember, all of these Terms & Conditions apply. If you use this printable, please let us know by tagging us #MyPlannerLifeUK on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.


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