Free Printable – Baby Mickey


Its a double day!! Meaning today im giving away 2 printables for FREE. This printable is inspired by baby Mickey and is great for a spring disney inspired layout. Includes the following:

  • 7 full decorated boxes
  • 7 half decorated boxes
  • 7 list half boxes
  • 7 today headers
  • 7 to do headers
  • 2 weekend banners
  • 7 list checkboxes
  • 7 habit tracker quarter boxes
  • 6 flags
  • 4 youtube icons
  • 4 instagram icons
  • 3 workout markers
  • 8 food icons

This free printable is suitable for your 2016-2017 Mambi Happy Planner or can be adapted to fit the Erin Condren Life Planner. Print at 100% Actual size.

Download your FREE PDF

Please remember, all of theseย Terms & Conditionsย apply. If you use this printable, please let us know by tagging us #MyPlannerLifeUK on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.


4 thoughts on “Free Printable – Baby Mickey

  1. Linda Curtis says:

    I had problems trying to print this. It said something about security not allowing changes and when it printed, it had the colored boxes but no Mickey images or shadings. Help!


    • nicolafred says:

      Hey, how are you trying to print? You just need to print from your PDF viewer. The older style printables on my blog are locked for editing so you may not open in an editor. I’m guessing that’s what you was trying to do.


      • Linda Curtis says:

        I tried to print it from the PDF, but when I clicked on it, it automatically opened it in Internet Explorer MSN and this box came up that said “Security permissions do not allow changes to form fields including filling out forms”. So when you close out that box, and go to print the printable, you get the printables without the mickey heads. Can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.


    • nicolafred says:

      I think maybe you need a PDF viewer. Or even just your internet browser. Do you have adobe reader? I have a Mac so no idea really what this Microsoft thing is. Can you view the PDF in your internet browser and print from there?


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