How to Print & Cut


6 thoughts on “How to Print & Cut

  1. KRR says:

    sorry if I’m missing it, but what about the registration marks for the svc files? I see them on the cut files, but they’re not on the printable page. Am I just being dumb?


    • nicolafred says:

      SVG files are just given as is. I do not own a cricut machine or software so I can’t support. No registration marks are on the PDFs you’ll need to add these by following the steps included in the separate cut file. The cut file is generic and can be used for ANY of my printables that offer it. Hope that helps.


  2. Sandra Honda says:

    Thank you for this tutorial. I do the same thing on my Silhouette. I’m so happy you have this as a tutorial since sometimes I forget what I did the last time, lol. Does all your free printables fit the cut file? Thanks


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